Local TV News Recap

Stunningly, the DC local news is about as useful as the local news in any other city where I’ve lived. For some reason, I expected the local channels in our nation’s capital to have some substance.

Here’s a quick recap of today’s top stories:

  • Home burglary results in theft of a replica Superbowl ring and a Nintendo. Suspect and missing items still at large.
  • Fall shoe preview. Flats are HOT! Oh, but so are heels. And boots.
  • Man puts kids in trunk of car. His defense: they were curious and wanted to check it out.
  • Man at local VA mall sought in conjuntion with “upskirting” charges, defined as walking around and filming up young girls’ skirts.

3 thoughts on “Local TV News Recap

  1. kiki

    Does this mean that we shouldn’t be quite so proud of ourselves that Matt is on the cover of the WaPo?

  2. Javaun

    To clarify, the local TV news is mostly worthless (except for all the short segments featuring outdoor sports/adventure, which are highly valuable).

    The Post is a world class paper and recent, notable front page stories have included an expose on Dick Cheney and the VP office, criticism of the Bush Administration’s weak stance on torture and the application of the Geneva Convention protections to prisoners, as well as revolutionary new artificial whitewater courses.

    Now that we have that straight, I need to turn on the TV. Apparently a woman in Reston was attacked by a squirrel “this big” and I want to see the interviews with all of her neighbors, the local barber, and the mayor.

  3. David

    I was attacked by a squirrel once in Princeton. I was maybe 10. It was the most terrifying thing I’d experienced.

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