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Javaun MoradiHello!
I recently joined Mozilla as a product manager on the Firefox team. Before that, I spent six years at NPR Digital where I worked on APIs and wrote a Codecademy course to help you get up to speed quickly. I’m one of the inventors of the Infinite Player, an experiment in continuous, personalized listening. I’m also very interested in what open hardware sensors mean for news and society.

I’m a big fan of open source software, open data, and the Web’s potential to make us all a bit smarter.

What else?
Lover of bicycles. Husband. Father. Enthusiastic supporter of coffee and craft beers.

All ideas posted here are mine alone and are not the views of my employer.

Community and Speaking
Some recent speaking engagements include: SXSW, Columbia Journalism School, Google TechRaking, American Society of News Editors, E2 InnovateIMA, ONA, O’Reilly News Foo, and ORD Camp. I prefer the unconference format to all others. I’ve advised editorial and product staff at CNN, BBC, CBC, Washington Post, NPR member stations, and the Center for American Progress.

I discussed a few of my favorite NPR projects during an O’Reilly Ignite Talk on Reinventing Radio on Digital Platforms:

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