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My Standard Wedding Advice

My friend Forrest is getting married this weekend, and I just gave him my standard advice on getting married. Keep in mind that I’ve only been married 2 years (all happy, I might add), so I don’t have any pearls on growing your marriage such as “don’t go to bed mad” or “every new day is a blessing” or anything like that. Sorry, I can’t help you there. This stuff is the solid fundamentals to survive the day and give yourself a fighting chance as a married man.

1. Show up on time. This no-brainer bears repeating, even if your family, friends, and would-be spouse normally tolerate your lack of punctuality.

2. Show up sober. If you’re not responsible enough to do the math, get someone else to be your teetotaler. Probably not the Best Man.

3. Don’t lock your knees. When you’re standing up at the ceremony, keep a slight bend in your knees. Locking your knees out for a sustained period of time cuts off the blood supply to your brain, causing you to faint. They actually teach you this in the Army, where soldiers are required to stand at attention for hours during certain ceremonies. One friend in the 82nd Airborne told me about a time when his company was standing at attention with bayonets affixed to their rifles. Someone locked his knees, passed out, and gored the soldier in front of him.

Three points is a nice litany and easy to remember. As a corollary though, I should probably warn people to watch out for wedding pranks, such as friends who kidnap the bride between the reception and honeymoon.

Michigan Football Loses Top Recruit, Sows Seeds of Future 8-3 Seasons is reporting that Terrelle Pryor has chosen Ohio State over Michigan. Terrelle is a quarterback and rated as the top high school recruit.

Doesn’t Terrelle realize that the one thing Michigan consistently produces is top QB’s, albeit ones that go in the later draft rounds? After 4 years handing the ball off to the tailback on downs 1-3 and punting on fourth, the Michigan quarterback is uniquely suited to the ball-control football that dominates the NFL. I don’t think anyone has any real insight into why Michigan players are so good, so clear-thinking, so “mature” when they get to the NFL, but here’s a few theories:

1. With so few passing plays called, our QB’s not only attempt to execute perfectly, but they’re also wary that one errant throw, one INT, one mistake, and they might not get a second pass attempt until the next game.

2. Because our QB’s know they won’t get many passing attempts, they instead watch film, practice their footwork, or instead LISTEN to their QB coaches.

3. Not only did they get into Michigan, but they showed clear-thinking by simply choosing Michigan. In other words, they had the brains to make the correct choice, so it only follows that they will make future high-pressure decisions correctly.

4. Maybe it’s the helmets? The famous winged helmets, designed to help the QB identify the receiver, may actually work in these formative college years.

Does anyone else have any bright ideas?

We can all look forward to Terrelle Pryor terrorizing Michigan on the gridiron in the upcoming years. Unless of course they turn him into a linebacker, which Big Ten schools are known to do to QBs. Above all, I truly wish him success in his career as a Buckeye and hope that he garners many of those pot leaves that OSU players wear all over their helmets.

‘Get My Vote’ Website Launches

The NPR Digital Media team just went Beta with a new social media site to give individual voters a chance to share their personal views on how a candidate can get their vote.  The site is live here:  The site is open and anyone can join and upload their point of view as audio, video, or text. 

The site is the brainchild of Andy Carvin, one of my NPR coworkers and a well-known evangelist of social media. NPR’s election unit will be covering personal commentaries uploaded onto Get My Vote throughout the rest of our election coverage. Andy gives many more details about the site, its origins, and plans for NPR and PBS member stations on his latest blog post.