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Atlanta Endurance Riders Featured in Cycling News

Two of the nation’s best endurance mountain bikers, who happen to be married and happen to be good friends of ours were profiled on Cycling News yesterday. Eddie and Namrita O’Dea will both be racing for Vassago Cycles next year. This should make for some interesting laundry, as probably 90% of their stuff on any given week will be similarly logo’ed jerseys and shorts, which will require diligent sorting (and you do want to separate them Eddie, because you don’t want to show up to a race having packed one of Nam’s jerseys).

In the last few years, they’ve made some serious life commitments to their training and also left their desk jobs to found a performance bike fit and coaching company, 55nineperformance. Not to mention promoting and running mountain bike races such as the Fool’s Gold and the BURN, which Jen and I attended back in May.  Jen and I also had the privilege of putting together a racing clinic with those two, and the notes can be found here (I’ve been slowly working on a repository of helpful cycling documents and hope to add many more in the coming year.)

Huge congrats to Eddie and Namrita for their successes in 2007, their deal with Vassago and good luck to them for the 2008 racing season.

A one month hiatus…

So it’s time to dust the cobwebs off this blog. A job search, 2 conferences, and a vacation to Colorado have all taken their toll. And I’ve become utterly addicted to Facebook. So much so, that I just installed a new WordPress plugin to syndicate my posts to Facebook:

WordBook Plugin

Lots of stuff going on. I’ll be working on two committees with the Web Analytics Association: Social Media and Public Sector. I’ve ratcheted up my activity (let’s hope the ankle cooperates) and I’m hoping to train for the bike all winter. I did start jiu-jitsu at a local school, and it really makes me appreciate just how world class Tiger Academy was. A few friends are trying to rope me into start-ups. And then there’s everything else with settling in and trying to make D.C. feel like home.

I’m going to have to catchup on entries. I could write for days about our trip across Colorado.

I’ve also decided to fully document my ankle injury from onset to diagnosis and all the way through treatment, including my X-rays and CTs. I remember how frustrated I was when trying to research this injury because there was such a dearth of information. I went to some of the top ankle specialists in Atlanta, and even then most had only seen one or two cases in their entire careers. The few posts I have blogged about snowboarder’s ankle fracture have attracted hits from the US and Europe, so clearly there’s a need.