‘Seasons’ – A new film by the Collective

The Collective, the Canada-based filmmakers who created the Collective and ROAM, is about to come out with their third film, Seasons.

The website is up at www.thecollectivefilm.com and includes a downloadable trailer.

Seasons’ premise seems to be different than its predecessors, using the Collective’s production knack while grounding the movie theme a bit more in reality. Seasons doesn’t quite bill itself as a documentary, but it certainly has elements, such as rider interviews, training, and competitions.

Here’s the official teaser:

Seasons is a film that follows 7 of the world’s top mountain bikers through the course of 4 seasons of one year. The film explores what it means to be a full time rider as told through the lives of downhill racers, slopestyle competitors, and big mountain free riders.

According to the email I received, Seasons will premier in BC on Friday April 11, 2008 and then show again the following Friday at Sea Otter. Tour dates will be posted later.

The advertised riders are: Darren Berrecloth, Matt Hunter, Cam McCaul, Steve Peat, Andrew Shandro, Steve Smith, and Thomas Vanderham. I wouldn’t be surprised to see others in there, maybe Ryder Kasprick, Jordie Lunn, or Ryan Leech.

the Collective was a welcome break from the speed-metal bike porn that was typical of freeride movies; it introduced production value, decent cinematography, and a better score. ROAM then set the standard for artistry in music and photography ; it was innovative and aspirational and basically followed this script: “Let’s go to ______ and ride our bikes there.” I wonder if the Collective have been influenced by the documentary success of other documentary filmmakers such as Gripped Films, who created Offroad to Athens and 24-Solo and have done very, very well at film festivals.

It will be interesting to see how the Collective follow up on ROAM’s success.

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