soldiers @airports

I’m at the gate and right now I’m looking at a soldier, a kid who is maybe 20. He looks a bit tired and seems out of place. The CNN airport news is talking about increasing troop levels in Iraq. A woman in a headscarf walks by with her husband. Kids are running around and playing with toys. A gentleman asks the soldier where he’s going and he says home, and I’m not convinced he really wants to go. He looks terrified.

Opposite me is a billboard with the dalai llama, right next to the coke machines.

Maybe its early but this is an eiry collage.

One thought on “soldiers @airports

  1. David

    Man, sometimes it feels like there’s more and more stupid people out there who would rather close their eyes or that nobody bothers to observe and comprehend anymore.
    Then I come to your site and you say something that really makes me sit back and think a bit, and I have to thank you for that.

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