Cat Puke Dispersal: Statistical Aberration or Malicious Intent?

For the record, I have traditionally been a dog person, but have grown to love many cats, including my friend Kiki’s late Kitty Roo and Poo, and also Revvy, who came into the family when I married Jen.

I submit Exhibit A:

I came home today to find that Revvy had thrown up on our kitchen mat. There are a mere three (3) rugs in our apartment that comprise less than 5% of the total floor space, and Revvy has now completed the Trifecta, having puked on all three. I haven’t formally quantified it, but my ballpark guess would be that about 40-50% of the total cat barf falls within that <5% of surface area.

Can one of the long-time cat aficianados out there please explain this to me? Is this a statistical abberation, or is her aim that good? Is she trying to tell me that she owns me?

2 thoughts on “Cat Puke Dispersal: Statistical Aberration or Malicious Intent?

  1. Kiki

    Didn’t you go to college? If you puke on a soft surface (rug, bed, in someone’s dresser drawer) there’s less splashback than if you puke on a hard (bare floor, sink) or fluid (toilet bowl) surface.

  2. mo---

    I’m more of a science geek than a math/statistics nerd so I can’t explain the phenomenon. I will share, however, than Lilith behaves the same way. She pukes ~1/week. I have 3 rugs & only once has she puked on the floor. Coincidence or a pattern? hmm…

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