Eddio O’Dea finishes 4th at U.S. 24 Hour Solo Nationals

Eddie O pulled a repeat of last year and finished 4th at Nationals! Last year’s race was punctuated by some of the worst conditions the sport had ever seen, with torrential downpours and tornadoes popping up across the Midwest. The trailer of 24 Solo actually uses that storm as its opening scene.

The top 4 places at Nationals have been the same for two years in a row:

  1. Chris Eatough
  2. Nat Ross
  3. Mark Hendershot
  4. Ed O’Dea

The first three guys all have full pro sponsorships with Trek, Gary Fisher, and Santa Cruz, respectively. After 2 years at #4, I have to think the big sponsors are looking really hard at Eddie.

Eddie’s race report

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