Travel like a gimp

Of all the things I’ve tried to do in the last several weeks, airport travel was one of the most difficult.  As mobile as I’ve become, I generally overestimate my ability to cover ground. It doesn’t sound like a long distance from the parking lot to check-in to the gate, and it didn’t even occur to me that I should check my bag.

Luckily, Andrew G. had more sense than me and dropped me off at the counter.

On the way home, I McGyver’ed a towing system and attached it to my belt. Ugly, but I got a ton of laughs as well as compliments on my ingenuity.

2 thoughts on “Travel like a gimp

  1. Javaun Post author

    Thanks. I’m pretty sure it looks obscene, though I haven’t figured out why.

    I might have to engineer something to usher at your wedding, like maybe a basket to hold programs. Something with dragonflies on it.

    I might even get the cast off in time.

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